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Friday February 14 2020 8:00PM: A special Valentine's Evening with Lou and Tina at Pamela's on the Hudson

CloudNYne Weddings

We can custom tailor your Wedding Entertainment. Please call us to discuss your special day!!!

Typical and Suggested Wedding Timeline

This timeline shows a typical sequence of events that help make the reception run smoothly. This is only a "suggested" timeline based on performing at many weddings and our experience with a variety of caterers and is not a requirement if you have an alternate sequence in mind. Times are approximate only and any traditions for example: the bouquet toss, do not have to be done. The band will play music if those traditions are being skipped. If there are any special dance requests, for example: ethnic dances, they work best when fit into the dance set after dinner.

The following sequence is based on a complete package with the ceremony beginning at 4:00 pm, cocktail hour beginning at 4:30 pm and the reception beginning at 5:30 pm. If you are not having CloudNYne Music supply you with these added events, please skip to the part that applies to you.

2:00 pm: Musician supplying ceremonial and/or cocktail hour music arrives at site.
3:30 pm: Entire band arrives for set-up of reception
3:45 pm: Music played for ceremonial guest seating
4:00 pm: Ceremony on site (music of your choice)
4:15 pm: Music played until guests exit
4:30 pm: Cocktail hour begins
5:20 pm: Tina coordinates with caterer and arranges line ups with wedding party
5:30 pm: Guests move from cocktail hour into reception area and band plays light jazz/swing music
5:40 pm: Wedding party introduced, first dance
5:50 pm: Toast(s) and blessing(s) (if any)
6:00 pm: Band plays (usually standards, swing, light dance set unless otherwise requested) salad course served
7:00 pm: Entrees served, band breaks & DJ's dinner music
7:20 pm: Band plays long dance set
8:20 pm: Cake ceremony, father/daughter dance, mother/son dance, bouquet/garter tosses (if any)
8:40 pm: Cake and coffee served, band breaks and DJ's dance music
8:50 pm: Band plays last dance set (usually what guests request)
9:25 pm: Band plays last song (usually first dance with guests joining on the dance floor with the bride & groom)
9:30 pm: Reception ends or band stays for overtime

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: Who will ensure our wedding flows smoothly all night?

  • Answer: CloudNYne will ensure you Wedding reception is coordinated with our professional emcees. We will meet with you prior to your special day and review the activities.

  • Question: What will it cost for all this great entertainment?

  • Answer: Our rates are very competitive and reasonable. We will custom tailor the entertainment for your budget. From adding a full brass section to a 5 piece or even a duo act, we can adjust the entertainment to your budget. Our rates are very competative to some of the more prominent and quality DJ's in the area.

  • Question: What if CloudNYne is already contracted for another event?

  • Answer: Weddings, Corporate events, and private affairs are our TOP priority. Public events can be rescheduled to accomodate your event. If we are previously scheduled for a wedding on your preferred date, we will refer you to another quality wedding band.